Tom Parish

Artwork For Office

The rise in interior decorations with a heightened awareness towards aesthetic appeal has made the artwork a favorite decorating accessory. Paintings can provide a welcome boost to any room, be it a residential area or a commercial one.

But artwork for office requires detailed analysis and study for selecting the most appropriate one. Tom Parish, Professor Emeritus of the Wayne State University in Detroit has been one of the Venetian landscapist working on oil and linen medium.

How to Choose the Right Artwork Color?

While choosing artwork for a corporate space, you might be torn between whether to choose a bright color or a sober one. A corporate artwork color should be selected, which matches the environment of the company and fits its personality.

Artwork for a hospital should not include bright hues as that might irritate a sick patient. Instead, colors like serene blue or green can provide a more calming environment. Include colors in your office artwork that make you feel at home and create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

According to experts, abstract painting colors provide a more clean and modernized look and fit nicely for office buildings. An abstract landscape with a pastel portrait should be a perfect fit for a waiting room in a clinic. Patients would visualize such soft hues and feel at ease while waiting for their visit to the doctor.

But the final decision should be taken based on the personal choice and preference of the person hanging such artwork. In doing so, it will help the person perform better and benefit from the work environment.

How Does Location Influence the Choice of Artwork?

Artwork for the office should be strategically placed in areas that are frequently visited by clients or other visitors. However, mounting a few artworks in common areas like the hallways can be motivating and inspiring to the employees as well. Since an artwork has a direct emotional attachment to the employees, the choice of the wall mount should be decided after consulting a committee consisting of at least four to five people.

How to Choose the Right Sized Artwork?

Making simple calculations is the most convenient and assured way to determine the size of the office artwork that you will need. A reasonable range of measurements for artwork covers between 3/4 and 4/7 of the wall space, commonly referred to as the sweet spot. To choose the right sized office artwork canvas, you need to go through the following steps –

Measure the entire length and breadth of the wall space where you want to put the canvas artwork.
Keep in mind that you need to measure the blank wall space, excluding the area covered by furniture, molding, or other accessories.
Multiply the length by 0.75 and 0.57.
Multiply the breadth by 0.75 and 0.57.

The length and breadth of the artwork that you choose should fall within these calculated measurements. If you hesitate to make such calculations, just observe the wall and try to select a wall-art that will approximately cover two-thirds to three-fourths of your wall space. Browse through a range of options from the Tom Parish collection of Venetian architecture paintings.