Tom Parish

Buy Corporate Artwork

Businesses with corporate art collection have better prospects of improving company branding, enhancing company culture, and amplifying employee responsibility towards a common understanding geared for success. While it can be a big investment, to buy corporate artwork has significant and unspoken benefits, creating a level of unique company culture. It allows your business for better networking opportunities and community connection by letting the collection speak for itself.

Tom Parish is a master painter working in oil and linen. Currently a professor emeritus at the Wayne State University in Detroit, he has painted some of the most beautiful architectural perspectives to complete your corporate art collection. Tom Parish depicts some of the most grandeur and scenic views of Venice, uniquely and artistically designed to liven up your work environment.

How Do I Buy the Fitting Corporate Art?

One key concept when you dedice to buy corporate artwork, is look at the reflective message that promotes your business, brand, and culture. The artwork is more like having a business blueprint, and it has to coincide with the nature and stature of your enterprise. Having a clear strategy will help you determine the confines of the art collection and help define limitations.

The first things to consider is the space where the painting will be hang. Oversized pictures are better appreciated in lobbies, and a mural with an open and non-distracting design fits well in a conference room where concentration and cooperation are much needed. It is also essential to understand the goals of the collection and whether investing in a selection can be more of an advantage than a liability.

How Much Should I Invest in a Corporate Art Collection?

Investing in a corporate art collection is one of the most elegant ways to diversify your business portfolio because it can be liquidated at any time. Masterpieces with cultural or historical value can be hand proudly to extend your business assets and can be sold when the need arises.

Great architectural paintings showing a defined period are some of the most sellable pictures in the corporate world. Though investing in art and how much from the company’s assets should you divulge in buying corporate art collection depends on how much your company owns. Choosing a painting is a matter of taste and company perspective. Setting up an acquisition committee will help you make better decisions and formulate a groundwork on what your company needs to buy. 

What Makes the Tom Parish Art Collection Stand Out?

Ideally, you’d want a corporate painting that does not become distracting or too irritating to look at. Simplicity is always one of the critical concepts of corporate art, and one that perfectly blends with the work environment makes an artwork blend or stand out in your office space.

The Tom Parish collection is perfectly designed with an architectural perspective to give your wall a beautiful scene. His works on oil and linen with colors that are not too striking, but has a cloudy quality. His waterways of the Venetian canals and open waterways provide a picturesque view which can add life to your office space.

A man with an English name and a European heritage, Tom Parish has a beautiful collection of Venetian architectural sceneries which can add color to your work environment!