Tom Parish

Corporate Art Collections

Tom Parish, a well-established American painter, was born in Minnesota in 1933. He studied Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in1953. He is now a Professor Emeritus at the Wayne State University, Detroit, teaching art.

An American by birth, and French and Finnish by blood, but the artist’s heart belongs to Venice. His art captures the timeless beauty of The Floating City. Major public, private, and corporate art collections exhibit his ageless works ideally centerpieces for visually appealing corporate art collection displays. If you own a corporate art collection or planning to have one, Parish's work is an excellent addition.

How Can I Start a Corporate Art Collection?

Starting a corporate art collection can be tricky. First, to consider is making a clear goal on why you want to start a corporate art collection. Start collecting art pieces from different artists. If possible, begin acquiring pieces from an established artist.

More substantial corporations may want to establish a decision-making committee regarding the art collection process. Art management professionals advise the art your company collects should be fittingly attuned with the spirit of the company. Organizations start their collections not only for the sole purpose of admiring the art pieces, but it is a valuable piece of investment that can help a business thrive.

What are the Benefits of Having a Corporate Art Collection?

Having an art collection has many benefits regardless of how large it is. It has positive effects on both your clients, your employees, and can be used to create an atmosphere of wealth. It is used by a lot of major corporations as a public relations strategy.

Visually appealing artwork within a company's workspace conveys a message to clients. These art pieces help convince clients that you are a progressive company. It's an excellent way of presenting your style to your clients, brandishing your company’s outlook, and making your brand stand out. Studies also show that having art in the workplace contributes to the employees' well-being.

Tom Parish's art that showcases the beautiful sceneries are not only a good investment but also an uplifting painting as well. The ripples of the river, the colors of the city, and the captivating scenery of his works will surely invigorate employees and clients alike.

A Fine Addition to Your Collection

Today, corporate art collections are more popular than ever. Almost every corporation is now starting its very own art collections. Many view it as an excellent investment strategy. Some use the art pieces to attract clients and motivate the whole company. Now is the best time to start your art collection, if you haven't got one yet.

If you want to start your collection now, acquiring one of Parish's works is a good starting piece. Tom Parish's works are known for capturing the essence of the city of Venice. Art collectors displayed his works in many locations. He had various awards and had solo shows, here and abroad. If you enjoy the view of Venice and would like to purchase one of his remarkable art pieces for your collection, you can for more information.