Tom Parish

Corporate Art Gallery

Tom Parish is a talented American painter who was born in 1933 in Hibbing, Minnesota. He studied paintings along with Franklin Watkins, Walter Stuemphig and Morris Blackburn at the Academy of Fine Arts in Pennsylvania from the year 1953 until 1957.

His skills, along with his reputation and expertise made him one of the esteemed educators at Detroit’s premiere Wayne State University. He is currently a Professor Emeritus in the said institution. One of his most renowned paintings is entitled Venezia La Verita. The medium used for this artwork is oil on linen.

How Great was Tom Parish Compared to Other Painters?

Tom’s work is a challenge to the works of prehistoric Venice painters who practice vedutisti. The works of artists from the eighteenth century like Guardi, Canaletto, and Bellotto are reflections of Venice being widely celebrated as the place embodying light and grace. For these artists, light, and grace equal Venice. This is however not the entire view of Tom Parish.

For Tom, Venice is also heavily influenced by what happened in the 21st century. By this time, the world is no longer clinging to the idea of one absolute. He tried to embrace reality as a genuine part of art and also immensely filed his artwork with the peculiarities of the new era.

Even if Tom Parish was transfixed by Adriatic in the same way the traditional vedutisti were, Parish did not glorify or celebrate it. He also never bound himself to John Sargent’s cool view of the scenes of the Venetian landscape. Tom Parish originally wanted to show facts and he remained as such in all his works. He wanted to portray reality as it happened in a balance kind of way and never romanticized it as most artists would.

Most of the critics saw Tom as a man who paints with ambiguities and mysteries. Also, when conversing with him, one will understand how much he admired the works of the metaphysical Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico.

What is Tom Parish known for?

Tom Parish is popularly known for his Corporate Art Gallery works like the following:

1997’s From Here to There
2005’s Solomente
2009’s Cannaregio II
2004’s Maria Teresa
2009’s Finestre
2010’s Miracoli

These are just a few of Tom Parish’s sold paintings. According to critics, one of Tom’s most riveting artwork is Piano 5. It is a canvas bearing a title that’s worth discussing. It focused on a mixture of features like eerie and psychic.

The most enigmatic moments of his work include the moon shining above us and the figure found on the building’s top story, specifically in the top story’s immediate foreground. Near and far, interior and exterior, these figures occupied the window instead of the more communal balcony spaces.

In traditional iconographical lingo, the moon hides what it’s trying to reveal. The artist, on the other hand, has the skill to relay to the audience who the figure actually is, what is he or she standing for, and what’s the backstory. Parish loved playing with these that’s why he deeply intrigued his audience.

These paintings are only a few of the great artwork found on Tom Parish’ Corporate Art Gallery.