Tom Parish

corporate office artwork

Sitting in a non-decrepit studio on the outskirts of Lathrup Village, Michigan is an 86 year-old man doing his colorful swirls and strokes on canvas. This man would have been any other ordinary artist doing this activity. But this man is an exhibitor at the Venice Biennale, one of the art world’s most coveted exposition events. Not every artist can set up their installation in the exposition. The event organizers since the 1890’s invite only the most deserving artists to showcase their works. As an artist-exhibitor in the Venice Biennale, Tom Parish shared the same space that French post-impressionist and Pablo Picasso contemporary Henri Matisse installed his art. Parish takes art as serious business as his involvement with the Venice Biennale shows, considering how he spent much of his life improving his artworks.

What are Tom Parish’s Most Famous Artworks?

There is no one individual piece of art that best encapsulates Tom Parish’s skillfulness. But given how much of Parish’s heart lies in Venice, it’s unsurprising that the Biennale organizers had him come over to showcase his most famous pieces—with the city as its center. His Biennale exhibition featured paintings of Venice’s scenes with its signature gondolas and stilted structures. But what strikes people who see Tom Parish’s art is the way he depicts Venice’s watery surfaces, which resembles the real thing outside of the canvas.

Why Should Companies Use Tom Parish’s Masterpieces as Their Corporate Office Artwork?

The paintings and decor hanging on the walls of a company’s reception area tell a lot about a company. Thus, companies use corporate office artwork to communicate their culture to clients and employees alike. When choosing corporate office artwork, companies have to be very discriminating. Nothing but the best should hang on the walls of their office. The kind of artwork a company has would reflect how they value excellence in their industry. It inspires those who see their art to strive in what they do.

But not only does the artwork indicate the artistic tastes of its leaders but its financial status as well. Only the most well-off companies have the right and capability to hang original paintings by the masters on their wall.

The shimmering elegance of Tom Parish’s Venice panels is an appropriate epitome of a company’s affluence. Only a few companies can afford to have a piece of the Venice Biennale in the office. Once all of Tom Parish’s paintings are sold, and the artist passes away, people will find his art nowhere else. With Tom Parish's one-of-a-kind works, companies can bring added value for their office. The skill with which Tom Parish made his Venice paintings can drive inspiration and admiration among a company’s visitors and employees.

How Can Companies Buy Corporate Office Artwork from Tom Parish?

Companies interested in acquiring a piece of Tom Parish’s work may contact art dealer Paul Holoweski Fine Art Inc. Interested parties can approach Paul Holoweski in Birmingham, Michigan.

Have a piece of the Biennale in the office, now

Michigan companies should take advantage of the fact that there’s a Venice Biennale exhibitor nearby from where they can acquire corporate office artwork. As this article is being written, demand for Tom Parish’s work is steadily increasing. The sooner that corporations get their hands on the remaining available works, the better.