Tom Parish

office artwork canvas

Tom Parish is the current Professor Emeritus of the Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He is one of the few artists whose work resonates simplicity and beauty showcasing the Venetian skyline and its architectural glories.

Born and raised in Hibbing, Minnesota, Tom Parish completed his studies in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with acclaimed painters’ Morris Blackburn, Franklin Watkins, and Walter Stuemphig. An accomplished architectural painter, Tom Parish, has some of the most exciting office space canvas to make your office space inviting.

Are Canvas Prints Better Than Photo Prints?

While some people say that the choice of the type of print depends on the preference, budget, taste, and interior design but a canvas print is always superior to a photo print. Photo printing is a traditional way of displaying a photograph and provides an aesthetic quality but gives out a reflection and glare that is exhibited from light. This, however, does not give the desired depth.

A canvas print, on the other hand, does not give out any reflection or glare as a canvas artwork comes with a matte finish. But canvas print weighs much less, making it convenient to hang large sized artwork on the wall. Since canvas prints are waterproof, these can easily be installed in the semi-humid environment. Even if a canvas artwork is not framed, it blends well into any style décor at any office space.

Should I Frame My Office Artwork Canvas or Not?

One of the primary benefits of canvas prints is that they can be directly hung on the walls without framing, but it can simultaneously be framed and mounted to provide a more finished look. Therefore, you might be torn between whether or not to frame your canvas artwork.

If you prefer to use an image, gallery, or mirror wrap, then you can consider hanging an unframed canvas print. For a series of floating images, a frame might break the sequence in which case it is better to avoid framing it.

On the other hand, a framed canvas provides protection to the point where the image is mounted in a high traffic area where the corners are prone to get bumped on occasions. Contemporary and modern canvas can also be framed towards thinner and lighter frames to complement the print.

The subject matter that you are trying to express through your canvas will influence your decision to go for a framed or a frameless look. Above all, the decision to include a frame solely rests on your choice and preference.

How to Hang an Unframed Office Artwork Canvas?

To hang an unframed office artwork canvas, you need to:

Hold the painting in a position that you want to mount. Mark the edges and top and bottom with painter’s tape.
Place the painting upside down and measure one-quarter of the size from each side.
Attach framing eyehooks at each marking point with the hooks facing upwards.
Mark the locations of the eyehooks on the wall where you marked with painter’s tape.
Drill holes on the markers and push a drywall anchor through each of the drilled holes.
Remove the painter’s tape and slip the painting eyehooks over the framing hooks.

Tom Parish, Professor Emeritus of the Wayne State College in Detroit, has some of the most captivating Venetian architectural scenes for sale. His work is one of the most recognized in the art industry and can add an extra layer of interest in your office space.