Tom Parish

Professional Office Decor

A professional office décor not only makes your space conducive to work but also makes it inviting. Companies and businesses often fall short in providing their employees with a motivating environment, which can be reflective of performance. Making your office space more attractive, does not only require seats and tables but a view of freshness which offers a touch of uniqueness and provides the right image of what your company stands for.

Tom Parish, current Professor Emeritus of the Wayne State University, works his hands to create some of the most scenic views of Venice. He was born in Hibbing, MN in 1933 and held a degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Tom Parish works on oil and linen and has a portfolio of artwork showcasing the incredible architectural structure of the Venetian canals.

Is it Reasonable to Hang Paintings in My Office Walls?

Bare office walls can be confined and dull. Having an artwork inside your company premise not only gives your employees a sense of pride but also creates an impression of grandeur. In most instances, when a company hangs a professional office décor, its employees strongly associate with its hidden message.

Making your office environment comfortable has also been associated with the improved overall mood and employee productivity. Balancing a professional outlook and the comforts of the home provide a healthy work atmosphere for team members to perform and thrive in. An office painting that embodies your company’s values not only makes everyone feel great but also keeps their spirits high and avoid the monotony and humdrums of repetitive tasks.

What Types of Paintings Can I Hang on My Office Wall?

There never really is a guideline on what you can hang on your office wall except it does not have to be too distracting or too bland for others to perceive. Among the things, you can hang on your office environment are scenic views and picturesque architectural paintings to create an illusion of the outside environment.

Venice has always been a fascinating country with many beautiful sceneries to make your office lively and inviting. A mural can also be a status display to give your workers a picture that your office is about excellence, and meeting performance benchmarks is a need. A painting can be a powerful tool to help boost or maintain status. Tom Parish has created some of the most impressive architectural scenes from around Venice and its rich cultural background.

Why Should I Opt for a Venetian-Scenery Professional Office Décor?

One of the many things that make a Venetian-scenery stand out is the grand canals and every building’s delicate architectural design. Much as it has been one of the most exciting and romantic places to visit, putting a simulant environment gives an impression of grandeur and breadth. Not only will employees be staring at blank space, but a new dimension is added to the look and feel of your office environment.

Tom Parish brilliantly captures every corner of Venice with his inspiring artwork of its shimmering waters and stately architecture. Get up close, and personal with Venice inspired landscapes to complement your office space and bring life to your work environment.